ReconPro mobile app 3.3.9

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 3.3.9 for Android and iOS devices

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Get approval for multiple invoices

You can select multiple invoices that require approval, and then have your customer approve them all at once. 

View and share work order printout

You can generate work order preview, and then use available sharing options on your device to print, send, or save work order as a PDF file.

Showing available services grouped by type 

You can see available services grouped by types on the Services screen if the appropriate setting is selected in Back Office. 

Tip Learn how to turn on showing services grouped by type for inspections and work orders.

Showing available and selected services for price matrix panels

We have added the Available button and the Selected button to the footer of the price matrix panel screen so that you can easily switch between available and selected services.

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