Turn on ‘Take a Break’ reminders
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You can set up break reminder alerts that will send ‘Take a Break’ messages by email and SMS to technicians who remain clocked in for more than four hours, and to their managers as well. 

Required Subscriptions

  • Feature: Timesheet Break Reminder Alerts

To turn on the ‘Take a Break’ reminders 

  • On the Company tab, click Timesheet Types, and then click Edit next to the appropriate type. 

  • In the Timesheet Type dialog box, select the Break Reminder Alerts check box, and click OK

Tip Make sure that your team is assigned to the appropriate timesheet type.... 

... and each of your employees has a valid email address and phone number in the profile. 

Now when employees from your team remain clocked in for more than four hours, they get the appropriate email and SMS messages. 

Note A copy of the message is also delivered to their team manager. 

Employees can clock out and take a break or click the link in the message and specify the reason why they cannot take a break.

Important! If employees neither clock out, nor submit the reason, the second reminder is delivered not only to employees and their managers, but to company manager as well. 

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