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ReconPro Back Office (September 4, 2018)

What's new in ReconPro Back Office application updated on September 4, 2018

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Turn on ‘Take a break’ reminder for timesheet types

You can set up break reminder alerts that will send ‘Take a Break’ messages by email and SMS to technicians who remain clocked in for more than four hours, and to their managers as well. 

Required Subscriptions

  • Feature: Timesheet Break Reminder Alerts

To turn on ‘Take a Break’ reminders 

  • On the Company tab, click Timesheet Types, and then click Edit next to the appropriate type. 

  • In the Timesheet Type dialog box, select the Break Reminder Alerts check box, and click OK

Sending alerts if no work order is created from inspection

We have added a new event called Post Inspection Repair Reminder to the Inspection Events category, so now you can set up automatic sending of email or SMS alerts if no work order is created within a certain period of time after inspection was created.

For example, if no work order has been created within 7 days after inspection, vehicle owners can be automatically reminded of the need to schedule a repair appointment.

Configure auto-completion of invoiced repair orders

You can turn on automatic completion of invoiced repair orders so that after an invoice has been created from a repair order you don’t have to manually update all repair order phases which have not been completed yet.

  • On the Monitor tab, click Repair Locations, and then on the Repair Locations page, click Edit next to the appropriate location.

  • In the Location dialog box, select the Complete invoiced ROs check box, and then click OK.

Configure calculating commissions based on client’s area

We have added the Client Area Revenues profile scope so now you can create commission profiles that calculate commissions from invoices created within a particular client’s area.

Access to vendor bills for area administrators

Users with the Area Administrator role have got access to vendor bills within the scope of their areas.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: VendorBills

Note We have also added the Area filter to the Search pane of the Vendor Bills page.

Show tax services below all other types of services on inspection and work order printouts

We have added the Show Tax Items Below parameter to the Line Items section of inspection and work order print template configurations, so now you can make sure that tax services are shown below all other services in the list.

Show the Order Date column on invoice printouts

We have added the Order Date tag to the Edit Columns dialog box in the Work Order section of invoice print template configurations, so now you can drag it to the Displayed Columns box, and the Order Date column will be shown on invoice printouts.

 If needed, you can rename the Order Date column in the Labels dialog box.

Exclude service level discount/fees from the Net amount of money and labor services

We have added the Do not use service level percentage in List/Net parameter to invoice print template configuration with List/Net settings so now you can exclude service level discount/fees from the Net amount of money and labor services. 

Technicians are not displayed for percentage services on printouts 

The names of technicians are no more shown next to services with Percentage price type on printouts. 

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