Repair360 mobile app 3.3.8

What’s new in Repair360 mobile app version 3.3.8 for Android and iOS devices

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Apply Cash/Check or PO/RO payment to invoices

You can accept invoice payments made by Cash/Check or PO/RO, depending on the method that your customers prefer.

Change inspection customer

You can easily select another customer for inspections.

Specify vehicle’s owner

You can select vehicle’s owner on the Vehicle Info screen when creating or editing inspections and work orders. 

Note If you cannot find the appropriate customer in the list, you can add a new customer account, and it will be automatically selected as vehicle’s owner.

Check for VIN duplicates in invoiced work orders

When you scan or enter VIN for a new work order, you can check for already invoiced work orders created for the same vehicle.

Wrapping long lines in vehicle part lists

Long names of vehicle parts on some screens such as list view of price matrix panels or part list of labor time services are now wrapped in two or three lines. 

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