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ReconPro Back Office (August 21, 2018)
ReconPro Back Office (August 21, 2018)

What's new in ReconPro Back Office application updated on August 21, 2018

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TheftPatrol Integration

You can set up the TheftPatrol integration that allows activating GPS device installed in the vehicle.

Required Subscription:

  • Feature: Theft Patrol Integration

To set up the TheftPatrol integration

  • On the Company tab, click Company Info, and then on the Integration Settings tab, click the Configure link in the Theft Patrol Integration Settings section, enter the appropriate settings, and then click Save

Set vehicle owner’s fields as required

In the Back Office application you can specify which fields of vehicle’s owner must not be empty when you select a retail owner on the Vehicle screen of service requests, inspections, or work orders.

For example, if owner’s email is marked as required, the appropriate message will appear when you select a retail owner without email address, so to continue you’ll need to tap Edit in the message and add email address to owner’s profile.

Token-based authentication for NetSuite integration

In the NetSuite integration settings, you can now set up token-based authentication which, in comparison with email+password based authentication, is much more secure and doesn’t require resetting expired passwords every six months.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: NetSuiteExporter

To set up token-based authentication

  • On the Miscellaneous tab, click NetSuite Integration, and then on the Settings tab, click Token-based authentication, enter the appropriate settings in the Authentication section, and click Update.

Improvements in Parts Ordering form

We have renamed the Parts Ordering action to the Recon Estimate action on the Work Orders page. 

In the Work Description column of the Recon Estimate form, you can now see all money services and all labor services added to repair order.  

We have also renamed the following columns: 

  • Part Price (old name) to Price (new name)

  • Ordered From (old name) to Vendor (new name)

  • Ordered Date (old name) to Start Date (new name)

Exclude archived inspections from the Inspection List report

We have added the Exclude Archived check box to the Search pane in the Inspection List report, so now you can exclude archived inspections from the search results. 

Showing invoice notes in Statement Report

The Statement Report now shows invoice notes as an extra row below the invoice number. 

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