Split work between multiple technicians

You can assign multiple technicians to work orders and services with an even or an uneven work split. 

Tip Learn how to split work between multiple technicians

Create work orders from multiple inspections

You can select multiple inspections, and then create work orders from selected inspections in one tap. 

Tip Learn how to create work orders from multiple inspections.

Select vehicle parts for services

You can select vehicle parts for a service in mobile app if this service is assigned to vehicle parts in Back Office. 

Tip Learn how to assign services to vehicle parts.

Showing quick notes based on Back Office sorting

Quick notes are now displayed according to the sequence in which they are sorted in the Back Office application.

Tip Learn how to reorder quick notes.

Allow adding a service to inspections and work orders only once

You cannot add a service to inspections and work orders more than once, if you clear the Multiple check box for this service in Back Office.

Time format in labor services has been truncated to one decimal place

When you edit the Time value in labor services, you can enter only one digit after the decimal point.

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