Repair360 Back Office 3.3.20

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.3.20

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Turn on and use splat screens

You can turn on the Splat Screens feature... 

...and upload an image of vehicle’s exterior, interior, and wheel layout that will be displayed on the Visual screen in mobile app. 

Tip Learn how to turn on and set up splat screens.

Manage quick notes

You can add, edit, delete, and reorder quick notes to ensure their proper display in mobile app.

Reorder services

You can change the sequence in which services are shown in Back Office and mobile app. 

Self-subscription features

Now when you turn on or turn off a feature on the Add-ons page, your Back Office is automatically subscribed to or unsubscribed from this feature. 

Note You can turn off a feature only one time a day because the unsubscription process occurs at night, so you cannot turn on this feature again until tomorrow.

Time format in labor services has been truncated to one decimal place

When you edit the Default Labor Time value in labor services, you can enter only one digit after the decimal point.

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