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Assign vehicle parts to services in service requests
Assign vehicle parts to services in service requests
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You can assign vehicle parts to services when you create or edit service requests in order to specify which vehicle parts should be serviced. 

  • On the Operations tab, click Service Request List, and then on the Service Requests page, add a new service request or edit an existing service request.

  • In the Service Request detail view, click Edit in the Services section. 

  • In the dialog box, click the box, select the check box next to the appropriate services, and then click Add

  • In the Vehicle Part dialog box, click the appropriate vehicle part in the Available box, click the right-pointing arrow to move this vehicle part to the Assigned box, and then click OK.

Note If you assign multiple vehicle part to a service, multiple instances of the same service will be added to service request (one instance for each vehicle part).

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