Assign services to question answers

Specify services that will be automatically added to inspection based on question answer

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  • On the Company tab, click Question Forms, and then, click the Questions link for the appropriate question section.

  • On the Questions page, click the Answers link next to the appropriate question. 

  • On the Answers page, click the Services link next to the appropriate answer.

  • On the Assigned Services dialog box, find and move the appropriate services to the Question Answer Services box.

Note You can select a category, subcategory, and part name for a part service assigned to a question answer so that when technicians select this answer on the Questions screen in mobile app, this part service will be automatically added with the preselected part.

  • Click the Service Part icon, and then in the Question Answer Service dialog box, select the appropriate category, subcategory, and part name, click Add, and then click OK.

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