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Device layouts define which invoice details are displayed on the My Invoices screen and the Team Invoices screen. 

For example, instead of default 4-line layout that includes invoice number, amount, and date, customer name, vehicle’s color, year, make, and model, stock number and RO number, you can use a custom 2-line layout that includes only invoice number, amount, date, and PO number. 

1. Contact our Customer Service Team to request creating custom layouts. You will need to specify which invoice details you would like to be shown, and if needed, which invoice details should be highlighted with a different font size, color, style, and weight.

2. Once your custom layouts are created, you need to select them instead of default layouts in your Back Office application:

  • On the Company tab, click Company Info; then on the Company Settings tab, in the Device Layouts section, click the appropriate layout in the Invoice box and the Team Invoice box, and then click Save Settings.

3. After you update the main database on mobile device, the selected layouts will be applied. 

Tip If you want to use default layouts on a particular device, tap Settings on the Home screen, and then turn off the Use in invoices option in the Custom Layout section on the Settings screen. 

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