ReconPro mobile app 2.16.1 for iOS

What's new in ReconPro mobile app version 2.16.1 for iOS devices

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Use custom layout for invoice list

You can request creation of your own invoice list layouts that define which invoice details are displayed on the My Invoices screen and the Team Invoices screen. 

For example, instead of default 4-line layout that includes invoice number, amount, and date, customer name, vehicle’s color, year, make, and model, stock number and RO number, you can use a custom 2-line layout that includes only invoice number, amount, date, and PO number. 

Note If you are interested in using a custom layout for invoice list, you can contact our Customer Service Team to specify which invoice details you would like to be shown, and which invoice details should be highlighted with a different font size, color, style, and weight.

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