ReconPro Mobile App 2.16.0

What's new in ReconPro Mobile App version 2.16.0 for iOS devices

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Highlighting questions which answer services are not completely specified

When you select an answer with assigned services which are not completely specified (for example, part service is not categorized, bundle service items are not selected, required vehicle part is not specified, etc.)...

...the appropriate warning is immediately shown below the answer, and you can tap the question in order to specify the answer service completely.

Note The warning is not shown for parts services if the Skip Part Categorization setting is turned on.

Auto-selecting a panel for labor time services added to price matrix panel

When you add a labor time service to a price matrix panel...

...and try to get a labor time for specific panel and part, you need to select only part (because you have already selected the panel on the Price Matrix screen). 

Note You still need to select a panel if the selected price matrix panel is not associated with the appropriate vehicle part in the Back Office application.

Time format in labor services has been truncated to one decimal place

When you edit the Time value in labor services, you can enter only one digit after the decimal point.   

Note If labor service time is adjusted automatically, for example, based on industry standard labor time, the time value is also rounded to one decimal place. 

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