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ReconPro mobile app 3.3.4 for Android

What’s New in ReconPro mobile app 3.3.4 for Android devices

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Common filters for inspections

You can filter inspections by date, status, type, customer, technician, and insurance company.

Named filters for team inspections

You can use named filters with predefined settings for team inspections. 

Note The list of available named filters depends on your Back Office settings.

Lot Walk

You can apply the named filter “Lot Walk” to team inspections created for a particular customer…

...and then send the approval link by email to the customer...

...who can click the link and then approve, decline, or skip the inspections. 

Common filters for work orders

You can filter work orders by date, customer, type, technician, and insurance company.

Common filters for invoices

You can filter invoices by date, status, type, and customer.

Change work order customer

You can change customer for an existing work order which has not been invoiced yet.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: AllowClientChanging

Note The Allow Client Changing check box must be selected for the appropriate work order type in Back Office. 

Edit work orders in draft invoices

You can modify work orders attached to invoices in draft status. 

Select multiple parts for labor time service panel

When you add a labor time service to an inspection or a work order (or as additional service to a price matrix service), you can now select multiple parts per panel, so that multiple instances of the labor time service will be created (one for each selected part). 

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