Unit of work that you do for your clients. Services can also represent parts, surcharges, discounts, taxes, and fees. You can add services to service requests, inspections, and work orders. Services are called “line items” in print templates configuration. See also: line items 

Service Advisor

Someone who recommends your company services to customers and gets commissions for each promoted sale. Service advisors can have client user accounts with the Sales Person role to log in to customer’s Back Office and see the report on their commissions. See also: sales person

Service Package

Set of services that are grouped for a particular purpose. If a service package is assigned to a inspection type and work order type, only services of this service package are shown when you create an inspection or a work order of this type.

Service Type

Service category that defines the damage icon which is shown for a particular group of services when technicians specify required services on device during visual inspection.


Percentage services with a positive rate. The amount of surcharge services is calculated as percentage from the amount of main services, and then added to the total amount.

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