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Part Service

Service with the Parts price type which is used for services that allow selecting a particular spare part from a built-in parts catalog. The amount of part services is calculated as price multiplied by quantity.

Percentage Service

Service with the Percentage price type which increases or decreases the amount of main services in inspections and work orders. Percentage services can be surcharges, discounts, and taxes. See also: surcharge, discount, tax

Price Matrix

Pricing function that allows you to predetermine the price you want to charge for a specific service, such as dent repair or hail repair, depending on damage severity and damage size.

Price Matrix Service

Service with the Price Matrix price type which amount is calculated based on price matrix settings and amount of additional services assigned to vehicle parts. See also: price matrix


Entity units, such as ID, Name, Date, Status. The term "property" can be used when the product is described on the database level. The terms "box", "field", "check box", "option", "setting" are better words to describe a property in user interface.

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