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Written by Allie Ray
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Company workers that can log in to the mobile app on their device. Employee's account is created in the Back Office application. Employees may have full or limited access to application data depending on their role. In the mobile app "employees" are called "technicians". See also: technician 


Database units of a particular type, such as, inspections, invoices, service requests, work orders. Entities have properties, for example, name, description, date, status. The term "entity" is mainly used when it is not practical to specify all possible entities.


Print version of the document that you provide to your customers, showing how much you expect to charge them for auto reconditioning services you're going to supply. Estimations are also called “inspections” . When you want to make an estimate for a customer, you need to create an inspection, enter vehicle and claim information, add necessary services, so that your “estimation” can be ready for printing or sending by email. See also: inspection

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