ReconPro Mobile App 2.15.8

What's new in ReconPro Mobile App version 2.15.8 for iOS devices

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Using a single work order type for specific customers

For some wholesale clients, you may want to create work orders based on specific type which is not appropriate for other customers. 

You can assign a wholesale client to a single work order type in Back Office...

...and this work order type will be automatically selected when you create a work order for this customer on device. 

Note Once a wholesale client is assigned to a single work order type, this type will not be available for any other customers unless you assign them to it the same way. 

Skipping parts service categorization

In some cases, you may want to avoid part categorization which is required while adding parts services to inspections and work orders.

You can turn on the Skip Part Categorization option in the Services section on the Settings screen... 

...and there will be no need to browse through the parts catalog and select the appropriate part. 

Linking parts services to labor services

When you add labor services to a parts service, these labor services get linked to the parts service.

If you remove a part service with linked labor services... can either remove the parts service together with linked labor services...

...or remove the parts service only (labor services will remain but their link to the parts service will be removed).

Sorting and highlighting work orders filtered by “Active Phase Assigned to Me”

When you apply the named filter "Active Phase Assigned to Me" to team work orders, they are sorted first by priority (Normal>High>Low) and then by date (from newest to oldest) within each priority level.

Note High priority work orders are highlighted in light red.

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