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  • On the Operations tab, click Invoices, and then, in the Search pane of the Invoices page, enter the appropriate filter settings, and click the Search button.

You can search invoices by various parameters. 

Invoice details: 

  • Customer

  • WO Type (type of work orders attached to invoice)

  • Inv. Type

  • Team 

  • Technician

  • Package (service package to which invoice services are assigned)

  • Service

  • RO#

  • PO#

  • Stock#

  • Timeframe (you can select a default period or custom date range)

Invoice amount:

  • Amt From 

  • Amt To

Invoice status:

  • Status (void invoices are not shown when you select 'All').  

  • Billing

  • Archived

Insurance information: 

  • Insurance  

  • Claim#

Vehicle information:

  • VIN (you must enter the VIN starting from the end, at least one last symbol)

  • Year

  • Make

  • Model

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