• On the Home screen, tap Add, and then tap New Inspection.
  • On the Select customer screen, tap the appropriate customer.


  • If the customer list is long, tap Search to find the customer.
  • If the customer is not in the list, tap Add to create the new customer. You can add retail customers only. 
  • If the Retail mode is on, but the customer is wholesale, tap the Wholesale button at the bottom of the screen to turn on the appropriate mode. 

  • On the Vehicle Info screen, enter vehicle details.

Tip To move between inspection wizard steps, swipe left or right, tap the left-pointing arrow or the right-pointing arrow, or tap the screen title, and then tap the appropriate wizard step.

  • On the Claim screen, enter vehicle details.
  • On the Visual screen of exterior inspection, tap Add, and then tap the appropriate damage type.

Tip You can switch between All and Default damage types.

  • Tap the appropriate damage, and then on the Visual screen, tap the damaged place on the appropriate vehicle panel.
  • On the Visual screen, tap the damage icon, and then on the Service Details screen, set the appropriate price and quantity, if needed enter service notes, and tap Save.
  • On the Visual screen of interior inspection, add damages the same way as you did for exterior inspection. 
  • On the Services screen, tap the Select icon (empty circle) next to the appropriate service(s) that you want to add to inspection, and then tap the Selected button.
  • If needed, tap a service, update its price and quantity, and then tap Save.
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