Add a device license

Get registration codes that your team members can enter when registering ReconPro mobile app on their mobile devices

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  • On the Company tab, click Manage Devices; and then on the Active Devices page, in the Pending Registrations section, click Add New Devices.

  • In the Device dialog box, on the Device Settings tab, select a license in the Lic.# box, and then click OK.

Important! If your team members register their devices for ReconPro themselves, specify team member email address in the Email box, and the registration code will be sent to team member by email. By default the registration code expires in 15 minutes after you click OK, so if you are not sure that team member will manage to enter the code on device within 15 minutes, you can change the expiration period in the Expires In setting.

Tip If you register your device or you register device for a team member, you can see the registration code in the Reg. Code column, in the Pending Registrations section.

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