Add a user

Create user accounts with which your team members can log in to ReconPro Back Office

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  • On the Company tab, click Users, and then on the Active tab of the Users page, click Add on the toolbar. 

  • In the User dialog box, enter the appropriate settings, and then click OK.

You need enter the following employee settings, while other settings can be skipped or entered later:

  • Email

  • First Name 

  • Last Name

  • Role 

Tip Learn the difference between user roles: 

  • Administrators have access to all settings (clients, employees, teams, services, devices, types, etc.), all operational (inspections, work orders, and invoices) and reporting data (available reports).

  • Accountants have access to all operational and reporting data, but only to some settings.

  • Work Managers have access to some operational and reporting data.

  • Work Managers (Read Only) have only “view” access to some operational and reporting data.

  • Team Work Managers have access to operational and reporting data of their teams only.

  • Team Administrators have access to settings, operational and reporting data limited by their team scope.

Note Users can be assigned to multiple roles, except for the Team Administrator role and the Team Work Manager role which cannot be selected together with other roles.

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