You can let technicians manage not only their own work orders, but also work orders created by other technicians from the same team. 

  • On the Company tab, click Work Order Types, and then on the Work Order Types page, click Edit next to the appropriate work order type.
  • In the Work Order Type dialog box, click Team Sharing in the Sharing setting, and then click OK.
  • Ask your team to update the main database on their mobile devices. 

Note If a technician doesn’t see the My/Team switch on the Work Orders screen in mobile app, please check if the appropriate option is enabled for technician’s mobile device:

  • On the Company tab, click Manage Devices, and then on the Active Devices page, click Edit next to the appropriate device.
  • In the Device dialog box, on the Allowed Functionality tab, click Custom in the Functionality setting, and then make sure that both the Work Orders check box and the Team Work Orders check box are selected.
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