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ReconPro software includes Back Office and Mobile App. Back Office is a kind of website that stores your data in the cloud. Mobile app is an application that you can use on your iPhone or iPad. 

Back Office and Mobile App are synchronized with each other, for example:

  • When you add services in Back Office, they appear in the service list on mobile device. 

  • When you create invoices in mobile app, they are automatically saved to Back Office. 

Information in the Back Office application is organized into tabs and pages. 

  • From the Operations tab, you can access pages with operational data, such as inspections, work orders, and invoices created in the mobile app.

  • From the Company tab you can access pages with various settings based on which Back Office and mobile app actually work.

  • From the Reports tab you can access pages with useful reports that you can generate to analyze your operational data.

  • From the Miscellaneous tab you can access pages with additional features that you can use, such as integration with QuickBooks. 

  • At the top of almost each page you can see the Search pane with different filter options that can help you find the appropriate data. 

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