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Track the status of parts services on the Order Monitor screen

You can track the status of parts services added to monitored work orders.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: Basic Parts, Recon Monitor, Vendors Support

Note Parts services are shown on the Order Monitor screen together with other services, if they are assigned to the appropriate repair location phases in the Back Office application. 

When you tap a parts service, you can see its details, including part name, part position, and OEM number, if any. 

To update the status of the parts service, tap the Service Status field...

…and then tap the appropriate status on the Service Status screen. 

Note Parts services have a different set of statuses:

  • Ordered (corresponds to the Active status of other services)

  • Received (corresponds to the Completed status of other services)

  • Re-ordered (corresponds to the Rework status of other services)

Showing VIN for team invoices

You can see VIN in the line with other vehicle details on the Invoices screen in the Team mode if an invoice includes only one work order. 

Note If an invoice includes more than one work order, you can see work order numbers instead of vehicle details. 

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