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Repair360 Mobile App 3.3.0

What’s New in Repair360 Mobile App version 3.3.0

Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

Line-level approval of an inspection

You can approve an inspection on a service-by-service basis.

  • Tap an inspection that you want to approve, and then tap Approve, tap the appropriate icon below each service to approve, decline, or skip each service, and then tap Save.

Line-level approval of multiple inspections

You can approve multiple inspections on an inspection-by-inspection and a service-by-service basis. 

Resetting the status of approved inspections after editing

When you open an approved inspection for editing... 

...its status automatically changes to New after saving.

Showing all or default damages for visual inspection

When you tap Add on the Visual screen of an inspection, you can switch between the Default mode that shows default damages only, and the All mode that shows the full list of damages. 

Showing damage information at the top of the visual inspection screen

When you add a damage on the Visual screen of an inspection, the information about the damage is shown at the top of the screen. 

Note If you add or delete damages, the total amount at the bottom of the screen gets instantly updated.

The list of countries on the Countries screen has been extended

When you tap the Country field while registering device or creating a new customer, you can select from much more countries on the Countries screen. 

Showing time of labor service in hours

When you select a labor service the time in the Labor Time field is shown in hours. 

Showing “$” icon for paid invoices

The new icon ($) on the Invoices screen means that an invoice has been paid. 

Restrictions for saving work orders with deleted services

When you edit an inspection or a work order that has services... 

...and delete all its services... will not be able to save this inspection or work order until you add at least one service.

Auto-selecting the panel while adding R&I labor service to price matrix service

When you add an R&I labor service as an additional service for a price matrix panel, the labor time panel is automatically selected because it is the same as price matrix panel, so you need to select the part only.

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