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Apply payment to multiple invoices

You can apply payment to multiple invoices created for the same customer.

Note If you select invoices created for different customers, you will see the appropriate warning message, and you will not be able to apply the payment.

You can tap the right arrow next to the Invoices option on the Payment screen, to see the details of invoices selected for payment. 

Important! On the Payment screen, in the Amount field for the Cash/Check and the Credit Card payment methods, you see the total unpaid amount for all selected invoices, which means that if some of selected invoices have been fully or partially paid, the paid amount is automatically deducted from the amount shown in the Amount field. 

For example, if you select two invoices $10 each ($20 in total), but one of them has been already paid $5, then $15 will be shown in the Amount field.  

If you increase the payment amount, you will see the appropriate warning message, and you will not be able to apply the payment. 

If you decrease the payment amount, the amount will be applied to the oldest invoice(s) first, and the rest will be applied to the newest invoice(s). 

For example, if you select two invoices $10 each and apply $15 payment, the oldest invoice will be paid in full...

...while the newest one will have the unpaid balance of $5.

Take customer’s signature for invoice payment by credit card

You can take customer’s signature when applying payment to invoices paid by credit card. 

  • Tap the invoice(s) that you want to be paid, and then tap Pay

  • On the Payment screen, tap the Credit Card payment method, and then tap to select the Signature check box.

  • Tap Pay, ask the customer to place the signature on the Signature screen, and then tap Done.

Note You can print the receipt with the customer’s signature from the Back Office application, if invoices were paid by credit card. 

  • On the Invoices page, in the Action column, click Select next to the appropriate invoice, and then click Payments.

  • On the Payments page, in the Notes column, click Print next to the appropriate payment.

  • Print the receipt by using the Print option of your browser, or click Export on the toolbar, and select the appropriate file format for saving the receipt.

Showing labor time notes in the service list

When you add a labor service with the Use Labor Times settings and the Base Vehicle Data source to an inspection or a work order...

...the information on panel and part selected for labor time... shown as service notes not only on the Details screen, but also in the service list.

Note The same way labor time notes are shown in the list of additional services of price matrix service, in the list view of visual inspections, in the service list automatically created based on question answers, and when you add labor services together with a part service.

Showing image notes on work order print preview

If the Show Order Images check box is selected in the Images section of work order print template configuration in the Back Office, image notes are displayed on work order Summary screen.

Note If image notes are associated with a particular vehicle part, the name of the part is shown below the image.

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