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Use fixed-size template editor in print template configurations
Use fixed-size template editor in print template configurations
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You can set up print template configurations with the help of fixed-size template editor that displays data either as a text or as a QR code.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: Print Management

  • Print Package: Custom Editable Template Package

To set up a print template configuration by using fixed-size template editor

  • On the Company tab, click Print Template Configurations, and then click Add.

  • In the Print Templates dialog box, select the appropriate category (except for service request), enter the name that you want, click the Browse button, select the image with a definite size for printout background, and then click the Create button.

Tip There is another way of creating this kind of print template configuration.

  • In the Print Templates dialog box, select Custom Editable Template Package.Fixed Size in the Print Template box, enter other settings, and then click OK

Note The Custom Editable Template Package.Fixed Size print template is not available for service requests.

  • On the Templates tab, click the newly created template configuration. 

Tip If you have uploaded the background image while creating the print template configuration, please skip the following step:

  • On the Settings tab, on the Printout Options subtab, in the Other section, click the Browse button above the Background Image setting, and select the background image of the appropriate size and layout. 

  • Click any entity number in the box, and then click the Preview button. 

  • Click the Edit Template tab, and then drag the appropriate tags to the template editor. 

  • Resize the tag to make sure that its data is not trimmed on the printout. 

Tip You can set the display format for all tags of a kind by clicking the blue Ellipsis icon next to the appropriate tag in the list, or for each tag separately by right-clicking the appropriate tag on the Edit Template tab. 

  • To show the data as text, click Text in the in the Display as setting, and then enter the appropriate value in the Font Size setting. 

  • To show the data as QR code, click QR code in the Display as setting. 

Tip If you want to show the same data both as text and QR code, you can drag the appropriate tag to the template editor twice, right-click each tag, and select a different value in the Display as setting. 

After you assign the print template to the appropriate entity type... can print entities of this type based on this print template.

You can set up the display of question answers on printouts of inspections, work orders, and invoices. 

Important! Only text answers can be displayed now, so such question types as Image and Handwriting are not supported yet. 

  • In the Question Answers section, click the appropriate question section in the Section box. 

  • Drag question tags to the appropriate position on the Edit Template tab, if needed, resize the tags, select the appropriate display format and font size, and then save the changes.

For example, if the background of your print template configuration is a vehicle condition form, you can select the appropriate question section and drag the questions about vehicle and its condition to the appropriate position in the template editor... that question answers can be automatically populated when generating the print preview. 

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