Export vendor bills to QuickBooks Online
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You can generate vendor bills and export them from the Back Office application  to QuickBooks Online.

Note Your Back Office application  must be subscribed to the QiuckBooksOnline2  feature and you must be logged in with Administrator or Accountant user account. 

To export vendor bills to QuickBooks Online

  • On the Operations tab, click Technician Commissions; on the Technician Commissions page, select the check boxes next to the appropriate vendor orders which have not been invoiced yet, and then click Generate Vendor Bills.

  • On the Operations tab, click Vendor Bills; on the Vendor Bills page, make sure that the appropriate vendor bills are generated with the Not Exported status.

  • On the Miscellaneous tab, click QuickBooks Online 2; click Login to Intuit.

Note On the Settings tab you can enter the appropriate vendor account setting and select the  vendor fields that you don’t want to be overwritten after export.

  • On the QuickBooks Exporter page, click Sign in with Intuit, and then click QuickBooks Online Exporter.

Note If you are not logged in  to QuickBooks you will need to enter the appropriate credentials.

  • On the QuickBooks Online Log page, click Start Export.

Note You can look through the  log to make sure that the appropriate vendor bills have been exported.

Now you can find the exported vendor bills in Quickbooks.

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