Authenticom Integration
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You can integrate your dealership management system (DMS) with ReconPro by using Authenticom. Once a day DMS files with dealer and vehicle information will be imported to ReconPro, and then appropriate service requests will be automatically created.

Note The Authenticom integration is available if your Back Office application is subscribed to the Authenticom Integration feature.

To turn on Authenticom integration you need to log in to the Back Office application with Administrator account and create a list of dealers (clients) assigned to appropriate service request types:

  • On the Company tab, click the Integration Settings tab, and then, on the Integration Settings page, in the Authenticom Params section, click Clients.

  • Click appropriate client in the Clients box, click appropriate type in the Service Request Types box, and click Add; the same way add all dealers to the list one by one, and then click Update Clients.

Now when ReconPro imports DMS data files, service requests of particular types from particular dealers (clients) are automatically created with populated VIN, Make, Model, Year, and Stock# fields.

Tip You can create service request types specific for data imported from your DMS. For example, you can create a service request type that will automatically create work orders when service requests are accepted.

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