You can set up a specific event that will automatically send email alerts to assigned technicians within a certain period of time after the target date of repair orders becomes overdue.

  • On the Miscellaneous tab, click Events, and then click Add on the toolbar.

  • In the Alert dialog box, in the Event box, select the Target Date In Overdue event in the ReconMonitor Events category, enter the alert name in the Alert Name box, enter the appropriate number in the Trigger if box, select minutes, hours, or days in the drop-down list, and then click OK.

Tip You can use Conditions to exclude some phases from the automatic sending of email alerts.

  • Point to the Target Date In Overdue event in the Email column, click the Edit button, and then make and save the appropriate changes in the message template.

Let’s see how it works. For example, you set up automatic sending of email alert 2 minutes after repair order target date. The target date of your repair order is December 10 and the target time is 9:00 AM.

If your repair order is still not completed on December 10, at 9:02 AM, then email alert is automatically sent to recipients specified in the message template.

Important! An email alert will be sent if the active phase of the repair order has the In Progress type.

Note If you change the target date to a future date, the email alert will be sent again 2 minutes after the new target date, in case the repair order is still not completed.

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