Archive invoices
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You can archive invoices that you don't need to work with any more, for example, old invoices or paid invoices.

To archive invoices

  • On the Operations tab, click Invoices; on the Invoices page, in the Search pane, enter the appropriate filter settings, (for example, click Paid in the Billing box to show invoices that have already been paid), and click Search.

  • Select the check box next to appropriate invoices, click Archive, and then click OK in the confirmation message.

Important! Archived invoices are not shown in the mobile app, so this way you can hide invoices that you don't want to be show on device.

Note Archived invoices are automatically hidden from the Team Invoices screen on mobile device within 3-5 minutes, while archived invoices on the My Invoices screen are shown until you update the database on mobile device.


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