ReconPro Mobile App 2.14.9

What's new in ReconPro Mobile App version 2.14.9 for iOS devices

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Accept credit card payment of invoices

You can have your invoices paid faster by accepting your customers’ payments made by credit card. 

Note The Credit Card check box must be selected in the Payment Type setting and the appropriate settings must be entered in the Authorize.NET params section.

Tip If you don’t have the Authorize.NET account, click here to learn how to sign up to Authorize.NET.

To make invoice payment by credit card

  • On the Invoices screen, tap the appropriate invoice, and then tap Pay.

Note The Pay option is now available in both the My and the Team modes. 

  • On the Payment screen, tap Credit Card

  • Enter customer’s first name and last name, credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code, and than tap Pay

Note Rather than manually enter credit card information, you can use ID Tech UniMag II card reader or scan the credit card with your device’s camera.

Tip You can learn more about ID Tech UniMag II in the manufacturer’s product datasheet and buy it on Amazon

Note You can change the payment amount but it must not exceed the total amount of the invoice. 

Single view for inspections

We have combined the My Inspections view and the Team Inspections view into the single view called Inspections...

...and added the My button and the Team button to the header of the Inspections screens so that you can easily switch between your inspections (My) and team inspections (Team).

Note If either Inspections or Team Inspections is enabled for your device, then no buttons are shown on the header of the Inspections screen.

When you search your inspections (in the My mode) you don’t need to specify a particular inspection field any more because now the keyword is searched among all appropriate inspection fields, the same way as it works when you search team inspections (in the Team mode).

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