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Add an inspection visual form with a custom image
Add an inspection visual form with a custom image
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You can use the default image in inspection visual form, however, if needed, you can add an inspection visual form with your own image that may correspond better to your requirements.

These are the three steps you should take:

Step 1. Add visual form with a custom image for visual inspection

  • On the Company tab, click Inspection Visual Forms, and then on the Visual Forms page, click Add.

  • In the Visual Form dialog box, select the category, type name, and upload the custom image.

Note The custom image must be a PNG file.

Step 2. Request assigning your visual form to your Back Office application

Custom visual forms do not appear in the list of available visual forms automatically, so please contact our customer support department and request adding your custom visual form to your application.

Step 3. Add new visual inspection record with assigned visual form

  • On the Company tab, click Inspection Types.

  • On the Inspection Types page, click Add to create a new type or click Edit to modify the existing type.

  • In the Inspection Type dialog box, on the Visual Inspections tab, click Add New Record.

  • Select the newly added visual form in the Available Visual Forms box, select appropriate Service Package in the Package box, and then click Insert.

Note You can use the arrows in the Order column on the Inspection Wizard page to place the visual form where you want it to appear among other inspection screens.

Now when you create an inspection of the given type, the custom visual form should be shown on the Visual screen and the Summary screen on the mobile device, as well as on the inspection print preview in the Back Office application.

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