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Inspection Supplements (Setup & User Guide)
Inspection Supplements (Setup & User Guide)
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Inspection supplements are important changes (such as adding services, removing services, changing service price) that should be reported and approved.

Note Supplements can be added only to final inspections in the New or the Approved status. 

Required Subscriptions

  • Features: Supplements, Print Management

Supplement form shows the following information:

  • Original Amount is an amount before supplement was added.

  • Supplement Amount is a difference between original amount and new total amount. 

  • New Total (Amount) is an amount after supplement was added. 

Tip Supplement amount value in parentheses means that value is negative. 

For example, you add supplement to change service amount from $999.00 to $555.00, so supplement amount is $(444.00), i.e. -444.00 dollars. 

Important! You can add supplements to an inspection multiple times; however, please take into account that Original Amount is an amount that was actual before adding each new supplement. 

For example, you add another supplement to include a second service to the same inspection, so Original Amount for the first service is $555.00 (because service amount has already been changed from $999.00 to $555.00 after adding the first supplement) while Original Amount for the second service is $0.00 (because there was no second service before adding another supplement). 

You can add inspection supplements in the mobile app on device if the Allow Supplements check box is selected for inspection type in the Back Office application, as well as you can send supplement form by email and print supplement form if the appropriate email template and print template are selected. 

Important! The process of adding a supplement to existing inspections and new inspections is different.  

Add supplement to existing inspections

You can add a supplement to an existing inspection by using the Add Supplement action. 

  • On the My Inspections screen or the Team Inspections screen, tap the appropriate inspection, and then tap Add Supplement. 

  • Make the changes that you want, and then save the inspection.

 If a supplement is added to an approved inspection, approved status automatically resets and inspection requires a new approval. 

  • To print a supplement form, tap the appropriate inspection, and then tap Print Supplement. 

Note Inspection supplements support only new printing feature (HTML Printing), so you can print supplement forms only if the appropriate print template is set up for your Back Office application. Also please take into account that Air Print Online is not supported by HTML printing.

  • To send a supplement form by email, tap the appropriate inspection, and then tap Send Supplement. 

Note Besides attached printout of supplement form, email can contain a link that opens a page...

...for accepting or declining supplement. 

Tip You can also generate the printout of supplement form in the Back Office application.

Add supplement to new inspections

You can add a supplement while creating a new inspection by changing default price of services. In this case the supplement is automatically calculated as the difference between the default price and the new price of services. 

For example, you create an inspection, and add a service which default price is $10.00…

...when you change the price to $15.00 and save the inspection… 

...the supplement report shows $10.00 as original amount, and $5.00 as supplement amount.

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