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On the Reports tab, you can see views that you can use to generate and print reports.

Note The exact set of views you see may vary based on the ReconPro edition you have purchased, the features your Back Office application is subscribed to, and the role your user account is assigned to.

In the Company section, you can see the following views:

  • Area Revenue Report

  • A/R Aging Report

  • Commercial Hail Report

  • Commissions With Vehicle Info

  • Consolidated In Process Vehicle Inventory

  • CSI Reports

  • Customer Discounts Report

  • Duplicates by VIN

  • Emailed Invoices / Not Opened

  • Employee Invoices

  • Estimations - Daily Production Report

  • Estimate Status Report

  • Graduated Commissions

  • Group Activity

  • Hail Estimate Report

  • Hail Estimate Summary

  • Hail360 Technician Commissions

  • Inspection List

  • Inspections in Process

  • Intacct Integration Status/Warning

  • Invoices By Employee with Expenses

  • Main Dashboard

  • Part/Service Usage Report

  • PO Numbers

  • Quality Audit

  • Qty of Services

  • Qty of Services with Split

  • ReconPro Production Log

  • Sales Advisor Performance

  • Sales By Device

  • Service Request Life Cycle

  • Services Revenues

  • Simple Tech Commissions Report

  • SR Job Status

  • Supplies

  • Tech Commission by Paid Invoice

  • Tech Invoice Activity

  • Technician Commissions

  • Technician Commissions by Hourly Rate

  • Technician Commissions by Paid Invoice

  • Technician Commissions by Services

  • Technician Commissions (New)

  • Timesheets

  • TPS Report

  • Vehicle History

  • Vehicle History by Services

  • WO by Employee

  • WO Production Report

  • Work Orders by Question

In the Miscellaneous section, you can see the following views:

  • All Reports

  • Emails Activity Report

  • Gap Invoices

  • Invoices Date Exceptions

  • NS/SF Client Integration Error Log Report

  • Service Pricing

  • Statement Report

  • Statement with Balance

  • Taxes

In the Client section, you can see the following views:

  • Client Dashboard

  • Client Revenues

  • Client Users Login History

  • Customer Sales

  • Estimation Conversion

  • Service Advisor Commissions

  • Service Advisor Commissions (New)

  • Service Advisor Sales

In the Service Contracts section, you can see the following views:

  • Service Claims Net Profit

  • Service Contract Claims

  • Service Contract Sales

  • Service Contracts Net Profit

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