On the Miscellaneous tab you can see views that you can use for various  purposes.

Note The exact set of views  you see may vary based on the ReconPro edition you have purchased, the  features your Back Office application is subscribed to, and the role your  user account is assigned to.

In the Devices section you can  see the following views:

  • Device GPS Tracking

  • Device Status Report

  • Messages

  • Last Update Status

In the Accounting section you  can see the following views:

  • Export IMP File

  • Export Invoices to CSV

  • Ice Status Report

  • Net Suite Integration

  • QuickBooks Logs

  • QuickBooks Online 2

  • Sage Business Works Integration

  • Web CMS Status Report

In the RDX section you can see  the following views:

  • RDX Mappings

  • CSV Mappings

In the Automation section you  can see the following views:

  • Estify Clients

  • Events

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