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On the Monitor tab, you can see views that you can use to track repair orders.

Note The exact set of views you see may vary based on the ReconPro edition you have purchased, the features your Back Office application is subscribed to, and the role your user account is assigned to.

In the Recon Monitor section you can see the following views:

  • Repair Locations

  • Repair Orders

  • Repair Orders by Departments

  • Order Assignments

  • Holidays

  • Monitor Settings

  • Vendors/Teams

  • Kanban

  • Events

In the Reports section you can see the following views:

  • Repair Location Time Tracking

  • Average Repair Time Report

  • Trending Report

  • Duration by Phase

  • In Progress Work Orders

  • Recon Monitor Production

  • Vendor Assignments

  • Repair Location Time Tracking by Phase

  • Technician Pending Services by Vehicle Report

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