On the Company tab you can see views that you can use to set up the  Back Office application and the iOS client application.

Note The exact set of views  you see may vary based on the ReconPro edition you have purchased, the  features your Back Office application is subscribed to, and the role your  user account is assigned to.

In the Settings section you  can see the following views:

  • Areas
  • Clients
  • Client Users
  • Company Info
  • Email Templates
  • Employees
  • Insurance Companies
  • Inter Application Exchange
  • Jobs
  • Print Servers
  • Print Templates Configurations
  • Scheduler Settings
  • Services
  • Service Advisors
  • Service Packages
  • Service Types
  • Supplies
  • Teams
  • Users

In the Types section you can  see the following views:

  • Vehicle Parts
  • Service Contract Types
  • Question Forms
  • Timesheet Types
  • Inspection Types
  • Commission Types
  • Damages
  • Service Expense Types
  • Work Order Types
  • Service Request Types
  • Price Matrices
  • Inspection Visual Forms
  • Invoice Types

In the Devices section you can  see the following views:

  • Manage Devices
  • Downloads
  • Database
  • Support Case Triage
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