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ReconPro Classic Back Office
About ReconPro Classic Back Office
About ReconPro Classic Back Office
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ReconPro software is designed to manage the whole reconditioning process from estimating to billing. The product includes mobile application (iOS Client) and web application (Back Office) synchronized with each other.

  • With the iOS Client application, you can create service requests, inspections, work orders, and invoices on your iOS device.

  • With the Back Office application, you can manage operational and reporting data in the cloud.

You may see the following tabs in your Back Office application:

  • Operations

  • Monitor

  • Company

  • Miscellaneous

  • Reports

  • Timesheets

  • Favorites

Note The exact set of tabs you see may vary based on the ReconPro edition you have purchased, the features your Back Office application is subscribed to, and the role your user account is assigned to.

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