You can set up sending invoice approval link to multiple contacts by  email and then track which contact approved the invoice.

  • On the Company tab, click Email Templates, and then click Edit next to the appropriate invoice email template or click  Add to create a new invoice email template. 

  • In the Email Template dialog box, select the Send Separately check box, enter the appropriate text in the Body box, set the cursor in the place where you want the approval link to be shown, and then click the [InvoiceApproveURL] tag in the Tags box, and click OK.

Tip If you want the invoice  approval link to be sent for invoices of a particular type, assign this  email template to this invoice type, otherwise you can make this email  template default. Learn more

When an invoice is sent by email to multiple contacts (either separated  by comma, or entered into CC or BCC fields), each contact receives an  email with a unique approval link. 

When the first contact clicks the link and approves the invoice…

...all other contacts will click their link and see that invoice has  already been approved, as well as when the invoice was approved and by  whom.

Note Now purchase order can  be entered before or after approving the invoice by entering the appropriate  value in the PO# box, and clicking Update. 

Tip You can also see who approved  the invoice and when on the Audit Log page.

  • On the Invoices page, in the Actions column, point to the Select button next to the appropriate invoice, and then click Audit Log. 

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