ReconPro Mobile App 2.14.8

What's new in ReconPro Mobile App version 2.14.8 for iOS devices

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Print service requests

We have added the Print option to service requests, so now you can print service requests the same way as you print inspections, work orders, and invoices. 

Note If multiple print templates are assigned to a service request type, you can choose the appropriate print configuration before printing a service request of this type.

Summary screen for team inspections, work orders, and invoices

We have added the Summary option to...

  • Team inspections

  • Team work orders

  • Online invoices now you can see the print preview of all inspections, work orders, and invoices. 

Note We have also added the Details option to service requests, so now when you tap Details, you see service request details… 

...and when you tap Summary, you see the print preview of service requests. 

Restrictions for saving work orders with deleted services

If you edit a work order and delete all its services, you will not be able to save this work order until you add at least one service. 

Note You can still create and edit work orders that have no services. 

Improved search for duplicates by VIN

When you create a work order, you can get duplicate VIN history from invoices that have been created within the period specified in the Duplicates by VIN History setting in the Back Office application. 

Showing “$” icon for paid invoices

The new icon ($) on the Invoices screen means that invoice has been paid. 

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