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If you want employees (technicians who use ReconPro on their mobile device) to keep track of their operational and reporting data in the Back Office application, you can create user accounts for them, and then associate their user accounts with their employee accounts.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Feature: TechnicianUsers

To add a technician user

  • On the Company tab, click Users, and then on the Users page, click Add on the toolbar.

  • In the User dialog box, enter user’s details, select the Technician check box in the Roles section, and click OK.

  • On the Company tab, click Employees, and then on the Employees page, click Edit next to the appropriate employee.

  • In the Employee dialog box, click the appropriate technician user in the Technician User box, and click OK.

Note Registration email with a confirmation link will be sent to the user’s email address, so user will need to click the confirmation link, enter and confirm the password in the Registration form, and then enter the email address and password to log in to the Back Office application.

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