Set client price for services
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Standard service price can be automatically adjusted when a service is added to a service request, inspection, or work order created for a particular client. For example, if you want to charge a different price for the same service depending on repair location, you can specify the price for clients that are served in one location or another.

Required Subscriptions 

  • Features: PricesPerCustomer

To set Client Price for a service

  • On the Company tab, click Clients; and then on the Clients page, point to the Select button in the Action column next to the appropriate client, and click Services.

  • On the Client Services page, click Edit next to appropriate service.

Note By default, Client Price is the same as Service Price. 

  • In the Client Service dialog box, enter the appropriate value in the Client Price box, and click OK.

Now when you add this service to a service request, an inspection, or a work order created for this client, Client Price will be applied.

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