Repair360 Mobile App 3.2.8

What’s New in Repair360 Mobile App version 3.2.8

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Accept invoice payments

You can accept invoice payment via customer’s credit card.

Tip Learn how to pay an invoice.

Manage inspection supplements

You can manage inspection supplements that require customer’s approval.

Tip Learn how to add, view, and email inspection supplements.

Add R&I labor services to inspections and work orders

You can add R&I labor services to inspections or work orders, and get actual labor time automatically calculated for particular panels and parts. 

Tip Learn how to add R&I labor services to inspections and work orders.

Create customers from device contacts

Now you can add new customers by getting contact information from your device.

Change invoice PO number

You can add or edit PO number in an invoice that has already been saved.

Tip Learn how to change invoice PO number

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