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Manage Devices (Overview)
Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

You can register your technicians’ devices in the Back Office application and get registration codes which are entered on devices to complete the registration process.

Active Devices

On the Active Devices page, you can add, edit, and delete devices, as well as search registered devices, and generate device reports.

  • To add a new device, click Add New Devices in the Pending Registrations section, enter settings, and click OK.

  • To generate a report that shows statistics for registered devices, click the Devices Report link, and then open or save the DeviceReport.csv file.

Note You can see how many licenses you have (Licenses Total) and how many licenses are available for device registration (Licenses Free). Also, there is a pie chart that shows the ReconPro versions installed on registered devices shown in the list.

  • To modify a registered device, click Edit next to the appropriate device, change settings, and click OK.

  • To remove a registered device, click Delete next to the appropriate device, and then click OK in the confirmation message.

  • To get a new registration code for a registered device, in the Reg Code column, click the Replace button next to the appropriate device.

  • To search a registered device by team, license, nickname, platform, or version, in the Search pane, enter a keyword in the appropriate box, and then click Find.

The following columns are shown on the Active Devices page:

  • Team

  • Platform

  • Name is the device nickname that you enter when you register the device.

  • Reg Date / Change Date shows the date when device was registered and the date when the latest changes were made.

  • License shows the license number, type, and status.

  • Time Zone

Device Settings

When you add a new device, you enter the following settings on the Device Settings tab in the Device dialog box:

  • Team lets select a team which employees can use ReconPro on this device.

  • Time Zone specifies the time zone in which this device is used. If the device time zone is the same as the team’s time zone, you can select the (Use Team’s default time zone) option.

  • Lic.# lets select one of the available licenses for device registration.

  • Nickname is the device name that helps you easily find this device among other registered devices.

  • Description is used to add more information about registered device, for example, you can specify that this device can be shared by multiple team members.

  • Email lets send the registration code to a custom email address.

  • Expires In defines the expiration period of the registration code. By default, the registration code expires in 15 minutes after you save new device settings, so if you are not sure that the code can be entered on device within 15 minutes, you can change the expiration period.

  • Employee lets select employees to whom the email with registration code will be sent. You need to select an employee, and then click the Add Email link, so that the employee email address can be added to the Recipients box.

  • Recipients is used to enter custom email addresses and employee email addresses to which the email with registration code will be sent

Tip After saving the settings of a newly added device, the registration code is shown in the Pending Registrations section.

Note When you edit an existing device, the following settings appear on the Device Settings tab.

  • Device

  • Device ID

  • OS Type

On the Clients tab, you can specify clients that can be selected while creating service requests, inspections, and work orders on this device.

  • Client Selection Type

  • Both means that both retail and wholesale clients are available on this device.

  • Retail means that only retail clients are available on this device.

  • Wholesale means that only wholesale clients are available on this device.

  • All or Selected

  • All means that all clients of selected type are available on device.

  • Selected means that only particular clients are available on device. You can select particular wholesale clients only. You cannot select particular retail clients. If some wholesale clients have been already selected while creating service requests, inspections, and work orders these clients will be also available on this device even if they are not added to the Assigned Clients box.

  • To add a client to the Assigned Clients box, click the appropriate customer in the drop down list, and then click Add.

  • To delete a client from the Assigned Clients box, click Delete next to the appropriate customer.

Note If your Back Office application is subscribed to the Area Support feature, you can also select the Include ALL from Area check box which means that all clients from an area to which device team is assigned will be available on this device.

On the Allowed Functionality tab, you can specify what ReconPro functionality is available on this device.

  • Use Company Settings means that company settings define available functionality on this device.

  • Custom lets you select the functionality that you want to be available on this device.

Important! To complete the registration process, open ReconPro on device; on the Verification screen, type the registration code, tap Verify.

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