Visual Forms (Overview)
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Visual form is an image of a vehicle’s exterior or interior layout view that can be used for visual inspections on the device.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: VisualInspections (allows assigning visual forms to inspection types)

Note You need to assign visual forms to particular inspection types so that they can be shown on the Visual screen for inspections of these types.

On the Visual Forms page, you can add, edit, delete, download, preview, and search visual forms.

  • To create a new visual form, click Add on the toolbar, enter settings, and click OK.

  • To modify a visual form, click Edit next to the appropriate visual form, change settings, and click OK.

  • To remove a visual form, click Delete next to the appropriate visual form.

  • To download a visual form, click Download next to the appropriate visual form.

  • To preview a visual form, point to the appropriate thumbnail in the Image column.

  • To search a visual form, type the name of the visual form in the Visual Form box, or click the down arrow and select the appropriate visual form in the list, and then click Search.

In the Visual Form dialog box, you can enter the following settings:

  • Name

  • Image must be a graphic file in the PNG format with a maximum size of not more than 300 KB.

To add an image, click Browse, find and select the appropriate file in the File Upload dialog box, and then click Open.

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