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Auto-adjustment of service labor time based on vehicle make, model, and year

Services with the Labor price type can now be configured to use the Base Vehicle Data source.

Required Subscription:

  • Feature: Labor Services 

When you add such labor service to an inspection or a work order created for a vehicle with a specific make, model, and year... can select the appropriate panel and part... that default labor time can be automatically adjusted based on actual labor time for the given vehicle. 

Note The name of the selected panel and part is automatically added to service notes.

Tip If needed, you can manually change the adjusted labor time value.

Note If labor service is also assigned to vehicle parts... can select the necessary vehicle parts... that labor time can be automatically adjusted in each service created for selected vehicle parts. 

Important! If you don’t enter vehicle make, model, and year, or information on selected panels for the given vehicle cannot be found online, then you will see the appropriate messages.


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