Scheduling Settings (Overview)
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Scheduling settings primarily define the start time, end time, and duration of time slots on the service request time picker. 

Required Subscriptions

  • Features: Service Requests Calendar

On the Scheduling Settings page, you can add and edit scheduling settings.

  • To add scheduling settings, click Add on the toolbar, enter settings in the Scheduling Setting dialog box, and click OK.

  • To modify scheduling settings, click Edit, change settings in the Scheduling Setting dialog box, and click OK

In the Scheduling Setting dialog box, you can enter the following settings:

  • Business Start Hour 

  • Business End Hour 

  • Default Appointment Duration (minutes)

  • Default Repair Time (hours)  

For example, if Business Start Hour is 6:00 AM, Business End Hour is 8:00 PM, and Default Appointment Duration is 30 minutes, then time slots in the Time Picker of service request appointments start at 6:00 AM, end at 8:00 PM, and have a 30-minute interval. 

Business Start Hour and Business End Hour also define the start and the end of the working day on the Scheduler view.  

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