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A job is usually an event that results in multiple or high volume work orders which should be completed within a certain period of time. For example, a hail storm may cause damages to many cars of your wholesale customer or customer’s fleet requires an unplanned maintenance, so you may want to set a special price for your services for this client for this period.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Feature: Jobs

Jobs List

On the Jobs page, you can add, edit, and delete jobs.

  • To add a new job, click Add on the toolbar, enter settings, and click OK.

  • To modify an existing job, click Edit next to the appropriate job, change settings, and click OK.

  • To remove an existing job, click Delete next to the appropriate job.

Job Settings

When you create a new job or edit an existing job, you enter or change settings in the job profile.

In the Job dialog box you can enter the following settings:

  • Name is shown on the Jobs screen on mobile device when you tap the work order type to which the given job is assigned.

  • Description is shown on the Job Description screen on mobile device when you tap next to the given job on the Jobs screen.

  • Client is a wholesale client for whom the job can be selected while creating a work order. The job is not shown on device if the Client box is empty.

  • Export As is used when you want the data of the client selected in the Client box to be exported to a third-party application as the data of another client. For example, if the client is just a branch of the main company.

  • Start Date and End Date are dates when the given job starts and ends. The job is not shown on mobile device if the period of the job is in the past or in the future (i.e. when the current date is less than the start date or greater than the end date).

  • Accounting ID and Accounting ID 2 are used for integration with third-party applications.

Note If you assign a job to a work order type and set job price for a service in the Back Office application...

...when you create a work order of the appropriate type for the appropriate client on device… can select the job, so that the price of the appropriate service can be automatically adjusted.

Tip Learn how to assign jobs to work order types and set job price for services.

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