An employee is an employee account that lets you log in to the ReconPro application on mobile device. You may have full or limited access to application data depending on your employee role.


On the Employees page you can add new employees, edit existing employees, move dismissed or contract employees to archive, and assign employees to commission profiles. Also you can search employees, merge duplicate employee accounts, and export employee list to the CSV format.

Active Employees

On the Active tab you can add, edit, and archive employee accounts,  as well as open the Commission Profiles page.

  • To add a new employee, click Add on the toolbar, enter settings, and click OK.
  • To modify an active employee, click (Edit) next to the appropriate employee, change settings, and click OK.
  • To move an active employee to the Archived tab, click (Archive) next to the appropriate employee, and click OK in the message box.
  • To open the Commission Profiles page, in the Commissions column, click Profiles next to the appropriate employee.

Commission Profiles

You can assign employees to one or several commission profiles that determine how employee commissions are calculated.

Note If an employee is assigned  to several commission profiles that are applied to the same service, the  employee commission for this service will be calculated according to the  first profile in the list, while others will not be taken into account.

Now the Back Office application supports two kinds of commission profiles. For the first kind that is called “Commission Profiles” you have to create commission profiles for each employee, even if profile settings are the  same for all employees. For the second kind that is called “New Commission Profiles” you can create one commission profile with certain settings  and then just assign several or all employees to this profile.

Note If your application is  subscribed to the New Commission Rule  feature, you can use either Commission  Profiles or New Commission Profiles.  If your application is not subscribed to the New  Commission Rule feature, you can use Commission  Profiles only.

New Commission Profiles

New commission profiles are created for Commission Types, so before assigning the employee to a commission type profile, you need to add profiles to commission types. After that, profiles of commission types will  be available for employee assignment.

Note Commission types are available  if your application is subscribed to the New  Commissions Types feature.

To assign the employee to a new commission profile

  • In the New Commission Profiles section, click the box in the Profiles column next to appropriate commission type, and then click appropriate profile. After you assign the employee to all profiles that you want, click Save Profiles.

Commission Profiles

Commission profiles are available by default, but they are not as flexible  as new commission profiles.

  • To assign the employee to a commission profile, in the Commission Profiles section, click Add on the toolbar, enter settings, and click OK.

In the Profile dialog box you can enter the following settings:

  • Profile Type indicates whether commissions are calculated for each service or for the whole order.
  • Commission Type indicates whether commissions are calculated in money or in percent.
  • Amount is used to specify the commission amount depending on selected commission type (in money or in percent). If Commission Type is Percentage, you should also define whether it is net amount or gross amount.
  • Services tab is used to apply the commission profile to all services or selected services only.
  • Clients tab is used to apply the commission profile to all clients or selected clients only.

Archived Employees

On the Archived tab you can restore employee accounts.

  • To move an archived employee to the Active tab, on the Archived tab, click (Restore) next to appropriate employee.

Search Employees

You can show employees assigned to particular team and use free-text  search.

  • To find employees assigned to particular team, in the Search pane, click the Team box, click appropriate team, and then click Find.
  • To find an employee by his or her name, team, email address, phone number, ZIP or postal code, and accounting ID, in the Search pane, type the appropriate keyword in the box, and then click Find.

Merge Employees

You can merge employees if there are duplicate employee accounts.

  • To merge employees, click Merge Employees; then on the Merge Employees page, select the main employee, select duplicate employees, and click Merge.

Important! The duplicate employee  accounts will be deleted and you will not be able to restore them.

Export Employees

You can export the list of active employees to a file in CSV format.

  • Click Export to CSV, and then click Open with or Save File.

Note If no filter is set in  the Search pane, the CSV file will contain all active employees, no matter  how many of them are shown on the page.

Employee Settings

When you create a new employee account or edit an existing employee account, you enter or change settings in the employee profile.

In the Employee dialog box you can enter the following settings:

  • Team is an internal or vendor team to which the given employee belongs. Note that when you change a team for an existing employee, the team will be automatically changed for repair orders in all active services assigned to the given employee.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Password
  • Home Team is used for employees who often switch teams. This setting links such employees to their “home” teams, so their timesheets are not missed while switching from one team to another.
  • Address
  • City
  • Country State/Province
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Accounting ID is used for integration with third party applications.  


The Phone setting can be used  to add multiple phone numbers to employee profile, so that notifications  can be sent to all phones specified in the profile.

  • To add multiple phone numbers, enter the first phone number in the Phone box, click the Add button, and enter the second phone number; when all phone numbers are added, click OK.

Tip To delete a phone number, click Delete next to the phone number that is no longer needed.

Technician User

The Technician User setting  is used to assign users with the Technician role to employee accounts.  When such users log in to the Back Office application, they have access  to the data related to their employee accounts only. When you click the  Technician User box, you see a drop down list with technicians that have  not been assigned to employee accounts yet.

Note The Technician  User setting is available, if your application is subscribed to  the TechnicianUsers feature.

Starting Date

The Starting Date setting indicates  the date when employee starts working for the company. If the Starting  Date is set, employee will not be able to log in to the ReconPro application  on mobile device until that date.

Termination Date

The Termination Date indicates  the date when employee stops working for the company. If the Termination  Date is set, employee will not be able to log in to the ReconPro application  on mobile device after that date.


The Commissions setting determines  whether employee commissions should be calculated according to assigned  commission profiles.

  • If the Use Commission Profiles option is selected, you can click Profiles in the Commissions column to add or choose profiles according to which the commissions will be calculated.
  • If the Do not track commissions option is selected, the Profiles setting in the Commissions column gets disabled.

Hourly Rate (per Client)

The Hourly Rate setting is used for calculating employee commissions.

Note The Hourly Rate setting and the Per Client  setting are available if your Back Office application is subscribed to  the Employee Hourly Rates feature.

If employee hourly rate is different for particular clients, you can set employee hourly rate per client and it will override the general hourly  rate.

Note You cannot specify hourly rate per client when you create a new employee account, so at first you  should save the new employee account, and then open it for editing.

To set employee hourly rate per clients

  • Click the (per Clients) link next the Hourly Rate box.
  • On the Hourly Rate per Clients page, click Add.
  • In the Hourly Rate dialog box, click the appropriate client in the Client box, enter the appropriate rate in the Hourly Rate box, and click OK.

Tip If the hourly rate per client  has changed, you can modify it by clicking (Edit); if the hourly rate per client is not applicable any more, you can remove it by clicking (Delete).


The Type setting is used for  employee categorization.

  • Employee is a technician who works in your company on a regular basis.
  • Contractor is a technician who works for the company under contract. Contractors usually work within a certain period (from Starting Date to Termination Date).
  • Manager is an employee who supervises technicians and approves their inspections and work orders. Note that managers are not shown in the Missing Timesheet report.
  • Other is used for employee who does not fit to any of the given types.
  • HOUSE is a collective type of employee which is usually used for services that cannot be assigned to a particular employee. For example, if the Waste Removal fee must be added to the work order, you cannot assign it to a technician, but you can assign it to a team HOUSE account or repair location HOUSE account.  


The Roles setting controls employees’  access to the ReconPro application data on mobile device.

  • Employees have access to most of the mobile application features, but they cannot approve inspections and work orders, as well as they cannot see timesheets of other team members.
  • Inspectors have the same level of access as employees, but they can approve inspections and work orders.
  • Managers have full access to all mobile application features without exceptions
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